EuroForth 2010

26th EuroForth Conference

Haus Rissen, Hamburg, Germany
September, 24th to 26th, 2010

EuroForth is an annual conference on the Forth programming language, stack machines, and related topics, and has been held since 1985. The 26th EuroForth will be held in Hamburg, Germany. The conference will be preceeded by a Forth 200x standards meeting.
     July  1: Deadline for draft papers (academic stream)
   August 19: Notification of acceptance of academic stream papers
September  7: Registration deadline
September 15: Deadline for camera-ready paper submission
              (academic and industrial stream)
September 22-24: Forth200x meeting
September 24-26: EuroForth 2010 conference
September 27: 4th day?

Information on earlier conferences can be found at the EuroForth home page.


This year's EuroForth will be organized by Klaus Schleisiek and Ulrich Hoffmann.


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