euroFORTH '94

Exploiting Forth: Professionally, Commercially & Industrially

euroFORTH '94 was held in the Royal Hotel, Winchester, England, 4-6 November. A copy of the proceedings are available from MPE Ltd., and are to be published with the FORML'95 conference proceedings.

This was the first of the euroFORTH conferences to have a formally refereed section. The refereed papers where presented along with the non-refereed papers and are marked here with "(Refereed)" appearing after the reference.

Gordon Charlton has written a report of the conference.

Presentations include:

There where five refereed papers presented:
  1. Stack Caching for Interpreters, by M. Anton Ertl.
  2. Forth and Register Transfer Language, by Graeme R. A. Dunbar and John Boyce.
  3. Automatic Scoping of Local Variables, by M. Anton Ertl.
  4. Forth and Formal Language Theory, by Jaanus Pöial.
  5. A Distributed Data Acquisition and Decision Making System, by Tim Hendtlass.