euroFORTH '96

The 12th euroFORTH conference on the
FORTH programming language and FORTH processors

The euroFORTH '96 conference was hosted by the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), with assistance of DELTA t, at the Hotel Rus in St. Petersburg, 4-6 October, 1996. A copy of the conference preceedings are available from DELTA-t, are are to be published with the FORML '97 conference proceedings.

The conference organizers where Irina Prodnozova and Sergei Baranoff of SPIIRAS with assistance from Marina Kern from DELTA t (who took on the burden of administrating the financial side of things), and Peter Knaggs of Paisley University (for arranging the refereed section).

Presentations include:

There where seven refereed papers presented:
  1. An Event Calculus Model of the Forth Programming System, by Bill Stoddart
  2. Formalization of Backtracking in Forth, by Michael L. Gassanenko
  3. Enhancing the Capabilities of Backtracking, by Michael L. Gassanenko
  4. TkForth: An interface to the Tk toolkit for ProForth for Windows, by Peter Knaggs and Robert M. Boyce
  5. Foolproof Number Parsing in Forth, by Michael Milendorf
  6. RAFTS for Basic Blocks: A Progress Report on Forth Native Code Compilation, by Christian Pirker and M. Anton Ertl
  7. Visual Forth: The Forth Integrated Development Environment, by Peter Knaggs