An Introduction To
The European Forth Conference

EuroForth is an annual European Forth Conference first established in 1985 (as the European Forth Modification Laboratory -- EuroFORML). It provides a forum for the exchange of techniques, philosophies and application notes, with papers presented by a range of speakers from industry, commerce and academia. The conference covers both software and hardware, including stack-based processor architectures.

Delegates from all parts of Europe including Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union are common. EuroForth is an international conference with delegate from many continents, it is also a friendly conference at which time is made available for meeting people, for informal discussions and for contacts.

Delegates are welcome and encouraged to give papers on subjects related to the conference topics. These papers should be no more than 7 pages. Suggestions for any topic will be gladly considered. Papers should take between 20 and 25 minutes to deliver, including questions.

Refereed Section

A special "Refereed Section" was introduced with the tenth conference in order to make it more attractive to academic institutes.

Conference Workshop

With the fourteenth conference a special "conference workshop" was introduced. This takes place on the first morning of the conference (at 9:30 on the Friday morning). The theme of the workshop changes each year, and is decided by the conference delegates in advance.

On-Line Proceedings

The fourteenth conference also saw the introduction of on-line proceedings. Where possible papers will be made available for download via the individual conference page.


The conference proceedings are made available for the delegates at the start of the conference and are published by the Forth Interest Group along with there FORML conference proceedings. The conference proceedings are also available from MPE Ltd or m2c.