EuroForth 2005

21st EuroForth Conference

Santander, Spain
21st to 23rd October, 2005

EuroForth is an annual conference on the Forth programming language, stack machines, and related topics, and has been held since 1985. The 21st EuroForth finds us in Santander for the first time. The two previous EuroForths were held in Ross-on-Wye (2003) and in Schloss Dagstuhl (2004). Information on earlier conferences can be found at the EuroForth home page:

Since 1994, EuroForth has a refereed and a non-refereed track. This year, no papers were submitted to the program chair for refereeing. A number of papers were submitted to the non-refereed track in time to be included in these proceedings. In addition, a number of abstracts were submitted for talks at the conference. Workshops and social events complement the program. The conference is preceded by a Forth200x standards meeting. We are grateful to Federico de Ceballos for organizing this year's EuroForth.
Anton Ertl,
Program Chair

Presentations include: