EuroForth 2006

22nd EuroForth Conference

Cambridge, England
15th to 17th September, 2006

EuroForth is an annual conference on the Forth programming language, stack machines, and related topics, and has been held since 1985. The 22nd EuroForth was held at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, England, for the first time. The two previous EuroForths were held in Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany (2004) and in Santander, Spain (2005). Information on earlier conferences can be found at the EuroForth home page:

Since 1994, EuroForth has a refereed and a non-refereed track. For the refereed track, six papers were submitted (a new record), and three were accepted (50% acceptance rate). Each paper was sent to three program committee members for review. A total of nineteen reviews was produced for the six papers. This year, none of the program committee members submitted a paper. I thank the authors for their papers, and the reviewers for their often extensive reviews. Five papers and abstracts were submitted to the non-refereed track in time to be included in these proceedings. Workshops and social events complemented the program. We are grateful to Janet Nelson for organizing this yearÂ’s EuroForth.

The conference was proceeded by a Forth 200x standards meeting.

Anton Ertl,
Program Chair


Refereed Track Non-Refereed Track