euroFORTH '99

Embedded Systems Development

The euroFORTH '99 conference was hosted for the second time by the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS). The conference was held at the Hotel Rus in St. Petersburg, 17-20 September, 1999.

The conference organizer was Irina Prodnozova of SPIIRAS, who along with her teem deserve many thanks. Dr Sergei Baranoff of Motorola Inc was also involved in the organisation and acted as conference chair. Dr Peter Knaggs of Bournemouth University took on his, now traditional, role of program chair. Finally, Marina Kern of m+m-communications also deserves thanks for her work in compiling the proceedings.

Peter Knaggs,
Program Chair

Reuben Thomas has provided a personal view of the conference. While a Photo Album is also available.

Presentations include:

The following papers where accepted into the academic (refereed) stream of the conference:

  1. Is Forth Code Compact? A Case Study, by M. Anton Ertl.
  2. Threaded Code Execution and Return Address Manipulations from the Lambda Calculus Viewpoint, by M. L. Gassanenko.
  3. Dynamically Structured Codes, by M. L. Gassanenko.
  4. Interrupt mechanism for threaded code interpreter, by Alexey A. Burtsev.
  5. Machine Forth for the ARM processor, by Reuben Thomas.